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Save Money and Help the Environment with these Energy Saving Tips

Everyone would like to use less energy and reduce their monthly electricity bill. AHAM has assembled some quick and easy tips to help you reduce the amount of energy your appliances use. Every bit adds up. If you are replacing your refrigerator, do not use the old refrigerator as a second refrigerator because it won’t […]

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New Survey Data Shows Growing Interest in Air Cleaners

A recent article in HomeWorld Business states that nearly 33% of consumers in their Forecast 2015 survey state that they were most likely to purchase an air cleaner in the coming months. They note that many of today’s air cleaners come equipped with a variety of high-tech features, such as multi-stage filtration technologies, and wifi […]

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Worrying about Fall Allergies?

Think it’s too early to begin worrying about fall allergy season? Think again! According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), fall allergies can be especially bothersome to those who are allergic to pollen and ragweed. In particular, ACAAI states that hay fever and autumn leaves can trigger allergic reactions. They note: […]

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Room Air Conditioners and Energy Efficiency

In our previous posting we discussed proper cooling capacity when purchasing an AHAM Verifide room air conditioner. After determining the size unit needed, consider its operating efficiency. An efficient room air conditioner uses less electricity so it costs less to operate. To measure efficiency, engineers have established a room air conditioner Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). […]

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Room Air Conditioners and Proper Cooling Capacity

Looking to buy a room air conditioner? Over the next few days AHAM will be providing tips to assist you with your search for an AHAM Verifide room air conditioner that’s right for you. First, it’s extremely important to choose a room air conditioner with proper cooling capacity. A unit with too much cooling capacity […]

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Need a New Room Air Conditioner? Check Out These Tips Before You Buy!

As the summer heat bakes much of the U.S., you might find yourself in need of replacing that old (and probably less efficient) room air conditioner. Before going out to the local home improvement store, you should check out the directory of AHAM Verifide® room air conditioners. Room air conditioners carrying the AHAM Verifide mark […]

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Peek Inside the Refrigerator of a Top Chef!

Ever wonder what was in the refrigerator of some of the country’s top chefs? The New York Times asked 11 top chefs in New York City, and their answers might surprise you. Peek inside their fridges and you’ll see that many of them probably don’t look all that different than your own – yogurt, half-empty […]

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Beat the Heat with a New AHAM Verifide Room Air Conditioner

It’s that time of the year when many consumers find themselves in the market for a new room air conditioner. Upon walking into a store to purchase one, one of the first things a consumer may notice is the AHAM Verifide label on the product’s box. Room air conditioners carrying the AHAM Verifide mark have […]

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Save Some Green and Help the Environment When You Buy a New Refrigerator

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your old refrigerator with a new one, now is a good time to do it. Under new energy efficiency standards released earlier this year by the U.S. Department of Energy, refrigerators, depending upon the model, can be up to 25 percent more efficient compared to refrigerators made just 10 […]

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It Pays to Buy New When Shopping for Appliances

When a major household appliance needs replacing, you might be tempted to save some money by purchasing a used or refurbished one. However, what you save at the checkout counter often could end up costing you in higher utility bills, not to mention potential repair bills. Major appliances produced today are more efficient than ever […]

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