Room Air Conditioners and Proper Cooling Capacity

Looking to buy a room air conditioner? Over the next few days AHAM will be providing tips to assist you with your search for an AHAM Verifide room air conditioner that’s right for you. First, it’s extremely important to choose a room air conditioner with proper cooling capacity. A unit with too much cooling capacity will be inefficient and expensive to operate. A unit that’s too small won’t do a satisfactory job. There is also a close relationship between cooling capacity and dehumidifying the air. An oversized unit will quickly cool the air without remaining in operation long enough to dehumidify it and a “cold, clammy” feeling will result. Under the AHAM Verifide Program, the cooling capacity ratings are certified accurate in accordance with AHAM’s Standard RAC-1. To make sure you choose the right size unit, visit the ENERGY STAR website to determine the size that best fits your needs. Check back tomorrow for advice on Energy Efficiency!