Room Air Conditioners

Room air conditioners that are verified through AHAM’s Verification Program have been tested and verified by an independent laboratory, assuring consumers that the product will perform according to the manufacturer’s product claims for cooling capacity (measured in BTUs per hour), EER and electrical energy in Amps. For units that have earned the ENERGY STAR® designation, AHAM’s energy verification of the unit ensures that the product meets ENERGY STAR®criteria. AHAM is recognized by the EPA as a Certification Body (CB) and approved to administer verification testing for purposes of the ENERGY STAR® program. The AHAM Verifide Mark must be displayed on the product packaging. The AHAM Verifide Mark may also appear, on the product itself or in product literature and advertising. Learn more about how to find AHAM Verifide products on our Identifying AHAM Verifide Products page.