Change your vacuum bag

Vacuum bags should be changed at least once a month and never filled more than halfway. This helps prevent particles from being released into the air.

Clean your vacuum dirt receptacle

Many types of vacuum cleaners do not have bags but use a dirt receptacle. This must be cleaned often and may be emptied and cleaned outdoors so as not to put the dirt material back into the indoor airstream. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Change the vacuum cleaner supplemental filter

Many types of vacuum cleaners have a supplemental air filter. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions as to the time interval to clean or replace this filter.

Wipe down surfaces

Use a diluted bleach solution to wipe down bathrooms, bedrooms and the kitchen to avoid build-up of dust, mold and bacteria.


Eliminate clutter

Having extraneous objects in your home gives dust particles more surface area to collect. Get rid of as much clutter as possible to decrease where dust can accumulate.

Set air filter reminders

Mark the date on your calendar to make it easy to remember when it’s time change your air cleaner filter. Regular replacement of air filters helps maintain your unit’s performance and reduce airborne allergens in your home.