AHAM’s Air Cleaner Consumer Resources

The Evolution of Air Cleaners and CADR – It’s a new era for clean indoor air, and AHAM, industry experts and manufacturers are responding in a variety of ways.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality While Cooking, Even Without a Range Hood – Making sure you have proper ventilation should be part of your cooking process. But what if a range hood isn’t an option?

Dorm Room Checklist: How to Buy an Air Cleaner for College Students – As COVID-19’s resurgence dominates the headlines, students and their parents are looking for every way possible to reduce their student’s risk of illness. Enter the room air cleaner.

The Great Indoors: What we’ve learned about air cleaners during COVID-19 – With more time at home, people are doing more around the house and making significant changes to their homes. They’re upgrading appliances, cleaning more, and paying close attention to improving their indoor air quality.

Using an Air Cleaner to Manage Wildfire SmokeAs wildfires continue to burn in multiple states, millions are turning to air cleaners (sometimes called air purifiers) to manage the effects of smoke on the air quality in their homes.

Spending More Time Inside? How to Make the Air You Breathe Cleaner – Whether it is because of social distancing or to avoid the summer heat, you might find yourself spending more time indoors this summer. That extra time at home has made it even more important to avoid the discomfort and potential health issues, like allergy symptoms, that can arise from poor indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality is an Essential Part of a Healthy Home – Stay-at-home orders as a result of COVID-19 have many across North America looking for ways they can improve the comfort of their homes. With so many people spending so much of their time inside, indoor air quality has also taken on increased importance.

How an air cleaner can help you reduce allergy symptoms – Avoiding contact with allergens is a major aspect of managing symptoms. Both Sublett and Joshua Davidson, M.D., an allergist at HealthCare Partners Medical Group in Redondo Beach, Calif., regularly recommend room air cleaners to patients as a way to reduce allergy symptoms.

How to choose the best air cleaner for your home – How clean is the air you breathe?  It’s a question on many people’s minds as seasonal allergies wreak havoc on sinuses across the U.S. Several of your home appliances can help reduce pollen and pollutants in your home, but an air cleaner is your go-to product if you want to improve the quality of the air in your home.

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