Carrying Air Cleaners with the AHAM Seal is Good for Business

The AHAM Verifide® Mark provides a consistent industry standard — the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) — that consumers can trust. This uniform information reduces confusion at the point of purchase, providing consumers with data that is comparable from product to product.

AHAM also provides retailers with CADR support materials, including brochures and signage, to help educate your customers while they’re making purchase decisions.

What the AHAM Verifide® Mark Means

Air filters with the AHAM Verifide® Mark are part of a verification program that tests an appliance against its stated volume, energy and in some cases, performance claims. AHAM tests products to U.S. Department of Energy standards and AHAM performance test methods. Search individual product sections for more information about each program.

The AHAM Verifide® programs are trusted and administered by experts. AHAM is recognized by the EPA as a Certification Body (CB) and approved to administer verification testing for purposes of the ENERGY STAR® program. We use third-party testing laboratories to administer the programs, creating an even playing field for manufacturers involved in each program.

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